Raw Vibes

by Cape Grim

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grab one at a show if you wanna
cheeky lil demo


released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Cape Grim Launceston, Australia

Floyd - Drums
Ricky - Bass guitar
Wilhelm - guitar, vocals

group vox by Cape Grim. All lyrics by Will.


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Track Name: CAPO
there's a place over the hills i go
where i don't care to feel the bad at all
and i can't be fucked bothering with the shit
yeah i got no appetite for it
when i'm filled up on the smiling sky
nothing is wrong then
there isn't anything to forget and remember again
and vise versa

we'll light the fire and sit
spitting schemes to better our lives
and then never mind never following through with anything

we enjoyed this massive gamble
we expect too much
all this time won't seem wasted later
when we start to remember
how much fun it was to waste
Track Name: COLOURS
my true colours split the seams
and seemed to be pretty vague to me
but i guess i enjoy to paint this scene
boring as it may be
saw the vibrance on the tv
my dullness may well have tured to green
so excuse me while i go climb a tree
and work on my wheeze

i guess it's a mystery day today (always)
i'm lost but i'm found
and i'm home but i'm so far away
no breaking blank stare
i've looked everywhere
and i'm gone but i'm already there

lost inspiration starts to kick
and scream when i drink
so i drink so i find it
tragic i know it is

fuck i miss the heat but winter is over too soon
by george i've felt the cold
but there's something to lose
and summer is coming
take me and my friends away
from this dutched out laundry
'cause it's boring
and my dreams are starting to scare me
and how much Iaven't been having them
Track Name: DISS
discussion like feathers and hair
will wither away with the wind
oh ghastly wind
along with all the unretrieved need
of other people, another point of view
blank faces crackle and cringe
they shiver then fill up with life and die
they mourn and move on
settle back in and/or
shovel the darkness away
like some sort of slaves to the light

and gravity with it's mystery
this fragile earth and it's tragedy;
my futility, my violent birth

you say "i am so bored why can't it just be easy doing nothing?"
and i say "i am so bored why can't it just be easy doing nothing?"
the appleseed fell so far from the tree
blank faces crackle and cringe
Track Name: ODE
in the daytime
an ode to the bustling light of the sun
will it shine for me again
like it did today?
tell me if i am ever standing too close
or if i am selfish
promise that you'll burn my skin
i shouldn't have to be told
just keep turning my winters into summers when you can
it's cool

so many cycles here
a thousand hands flipping the calander pages
and how i always forget
about the other spheres here
like an 8 pound baby will become a man
and a man becomes a frail frame of better days
until the mind retreats back to infancy
for never young
our time is coming

in the evening
i don't care if it's raining
it's a pleasure and an honour
forgive the part of me
that doesn't see it this way
in the night
Track Name: SYMPTOMS
i'd take inspiring failure
over uninspiring success
any good day of the week
and of my life
i say that now
but tomorrow might be different
and if it is i'll take it back, if it is

i'm not afraid of failing, only
in every form of more than less
i won't apologise for being myself
just like you don't get angry at being you
as i won't blame the ocean for the flood
just symptoms of nature:
us featherless bipeds

this isn't happening to us
we are happening